Paypal now also allows British customers to pay with crypto coins

Paypal now also allows British customers to pay with crypto coins. The American payment giant Paypal is going to offer its customers in the United Kingdom the possibility to buy, sell or collect digital coins with digital coins.

Since the beginning of this year, American customers can buy and sell bitcoins via their account on Paypal and make payments with it in the affiliated web stores. has enough information. This is going so smoothly that the option is now being extended to another country for the first time, the American payment service announced on Monday.

The new payment option will be introduced this week, both in the app and on the Paypal website. Four types of crypto coins are accepted on the Paypal platform: bitcoin, ether, litecoin and bitcoin cash. has enough information. Users will be able to monitor the price of these digital currencies in real time. With a transaction, the price is automatically converted. Paypal is once again counting on the New York bitcoin company Paxos.

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The company also promises to post a warning about the risks of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. According to CNBC, the company has already contacted UK regulators to ensure compliance with current legislation.

The decision by Paypal, which has more than 403 million active accounts worldwide, shows that bitcoin is increasingly accepted as a legitimate means of payment. The announcement helped the digital currency once again break the $50,000 mark.